December 16, 2004

Focus v2.0

My car was at the garage today to have a new headlamp bulb fitted (yes I do know how to change a bulb - the company says that any repairs to their cars have to be carried out by a registered dealer) after having booked it in on Tuesday... well while it was in they kindly decided to update the ECU firmware - I'm not sure if it's any quicker yet, a little more hard testing is required :-)
Posted by Antony on December 16, 2004 08:12 PM | TrackBack

Does this mean if I take mine in it'll be done too?! Might have to ask, tho it is due for its 25000 mile service in a bit, well after I put the christmas trips on it ;-) Let us know if its any quicker and remember that unlike NFSU2 crashing it will hurt!

Posted by: Russ at December 18, 2004 05:30 PM
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