May 26, 2006

Still Lost

Part of my lack of posting recently has been due to me being a little lost in the second season of 'Lost'... I've been watching it avidly this year, keeping fully up to date with the US airings, hoping for the answers that they've kept us waiting for :-)

I rushed home yesterday to watch what I hadn't realised would be the last 2 episodes of season 2. Wow! The producers decided to go on a mad question answering spree with the last one, finally explaining Desmond's relevance to the island and letting us into some of the darker secrets of the hatch... Absolutely amazing last couple of hours, well that is until they decided to throw a massive cliffhanger into the final 5 mins! Oh well, season 3 is promised to start 'this fall' and is supposed to bring in new characters and change the whole focus of the show onto 'the others' - can't wait :-)

I did stumble upon some other very intersting 'Lost' information last night - apparently, from various sources, on the success of the first season the producers have signed a continuation contract with ABC. This contract is for... wait for it... a total of 7 seasons! Looks like we won't be getting too many answers in a hurry then...
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