March 16, 2007

The Rebellion

Every now and then I get invited out to see some random live bands in pubs (just for something to do a bit different) and normally they don't quite live up to their reputations (Phil and Sam excluded of course - their stuff is great). Last night, sis planned a visit with bro-in-law over to the Medicine Bar/Factory Club in The Custard Factory in Digbeth, deep in Birmingham's outer city center. We thought we'd take the invite of somewhere new and set off out to find it...

This was a bit of special invite, as one of the band members was an old friend of sis' from school and it was one of their first gigs on their Midlands tour after adding a 5th band member and re-naming to The Rebellion. We knew they were suppossed to be good, but were pleasantly surprised how good. Must be one of the best live bands I've heard and all their own material. Give them a listen - they've got some demos up on their MySpace page. They sound even better live than the demo so why not pop along and see them on their mini-tour?

The Rebellion - MySpace page
"Shine" Live (filmed by Gina P)
"It's All We Got Left" Live (filmed by Gina P)

Good luck guys... I think you're going to go far, hopefully see you again at V :-)
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