June 25, 2004


What is wrong with TV recently? I just browsed through the standard 5 channels to find that 3 of them are showing football, 1 is showing some random language program and the other is thrilling live coverage of the BB housemates asleep!

Since I'd rather watch people asleep than a ball being kicked around I guess this time my viewing needs have been catered for... unlike EastEnders today - I was quite dissapointed in the lack of multiple write outs of characters after the recent disaster... shame on you writers ;-p
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Viridian Room

Remember 'The Crimson Room' from a while ago? The new version 'The Viridian Room' is out now... took me a good half hour, guess it helps to be Japanese or know their culture to solve it rather than just guessing semi-aimlessly :-/
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June 24, 2004


I already know how many of you lucky people read my blog, but I've added a counter so you can see too... If you are a consistent reader then leave a message to say hi - I get loads of visits but not enough comments :-(
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June 20, 2004


Ed was kinda bored so we went bowling tonight - managed to get a good deal on the unlimited bowling so decided to see what we could manage... and ended up running out of time in the middle of our 13th game in a row! That's the most I've ever played in a row, by a long way.
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June 19, 2004

One bottle, two bottles...

Was a while ago, but this is what happens when you decide to sample just that one special liquour from Italy... you end up sampling the whole bottle of all the bottles... oh dear...
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June 18, 2004

Hot or BB?

Seems I'm on the way to being right about this year's BB - yesterday saw the housemates enter a full blown, security needed, almost physical arguement... so all thats left is for them to all get kicked out and Marco to win ;-)

And on a better note, all 3 of my HoN profiles have gone above an 8! Now where are all those girls that voted me that high...

Update: They were that high 'till they changed the points scoring system... d'oh!
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June 10, 2004


Oooo the aching yesterday was nothing compared to today... it feels like I've been run over by a big construction wagon carrying lots of heavy construction stuff... ouch... it hurts to type :-(
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June 09, 2004

Achey Arms

Little bit random but today I went water skiing! Well knee boarding actually since I'd never been before, but anyway great fun, only went for a dip in the lake 4 times (one of which was intentional to get off the tow)... but the arms are aching already - tomorrow's gonna be painful :-(
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June 03, 2004


Well since we've got lots of pics from sis' wedding to put on the family website it seemed a good idea to install a gallery 'a la ClaudeStreet'... well it was, but it took hours... PHP had to be installed and configured with Apache, then Gallery installed and configured, but then it wouldn't run without the image processors, then none would run without certain files in certain places... what a nightmare!

Regardless, after a massive learning curve, we now have a fully running PHP Gallery via Apache combination on a windows system... nice ;-)
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