May 12, 2005

The New Toy...

Yep this is it - the new toy I bought myself. Very nice it is too - just have to keep it clean, only have the top down in the dry, treat it very carefully and try not to get too upset when I have to get back into the Focus to go to work ;-)
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May 09, 2005


Just had the adsl at home regraded to 2mb... what can I say? It's fast - just wait till the 8mb service is released!
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May 08, 2005


Well since nothing was on TV tonight, me and dad popped out to the cinema to see 'Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy'. Now having loved the TV series, I was expecting good things from the film - none of which came true. Yeah the graphics were good, but they messed with the story and held no interest throughout - I thought the inclusion of the original Marvin in the background during the queuing scene was just stupid when that version was much better than the modern one!

Overall not very impressed. Film rating: 2/5 (just for the graphics)
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May 06, 2005

Musical Interlude

Well 'Overseer - Wreckage' finally arrived yesterday. A quick listen on the way to work proved it to be a little odd, but I think I'll get to like it. Shame the full version of 'Velocity Shift' is only 2 minutes long :-(

In the meantime I've also added 'Client - Client', 'Client - City' and 'Piney Gir - Peakahokahoo' to my collection. All good in their own way... oddly enough I've been in a bit of a wierd buying myself presents mood these last couple of weeks. More on the newest one later...
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