February 08, 2007


At the time of writing this, the 3rd most common search phrase entry to the site is "Tadalafil". Brilliant. For those who don't know, "Tadalafil" is more commonly known as "Cialis" and is the subject of rather a large proportion of spam that gets shoved around the net. More info on it can be found here on Wikipedia.

I know I've never commented on this stuff before, so there's only one possible reason for the high search listing - it must be mentioned way too much in the comments from the barrage of automated posts that get blocked everyday. Virtually none of the posts make it to the site because they are automatically blocked or removed, but it just goes to show that there's so many that even though they don't make it onto the site they can still influence the search listings... impressive, even though they are so infuriating.
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Absolutely typical... worst weather we've had in the Midlands since those winds a while ago and I still get to work quicker than I have all this week! It's the something or other fair at the NEC and as ever everyone likes to arrive/depart just nicely to coincide with the normally heavy anyway office traffic.

Working quite literally within sight of the NEC, it's been causing major headaches this week. The journey in has consistently doubled from 30mins to just over an hour, and the journey home typically 1hr 15m. We've got one choice of road out of the area and it's one of the major routes out the NEC. 30mins to do 1/2mile just to get round the corner onto the M42 every night. Unbelievable.

Anyway, the grid-lock theory has been proved apparently spot on this morning. Normally the M42 runs at national limit in the mornings and inevitably we do about 20mph stop-start. With the heavy snow, the limits have been dropped to 40mph all the way in and with everyone sticking to it the traffic's virtually on free flow. Amazing, limit at 70mph and it takes 1hr to get to work, limit at 40mph and it takes a calming 40mins.

Shame the snow is getting worse though - might get snowed in :-(
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How long?!?

Ooops... apparently it's been quite a while since the last post. Time seems to slip past a little too quickly these last couple of years and I've been a little too busy to realise the lack of posting. About time I did something about it then.

It's a rather wintery day everywhere in the UK today - snow everywhere, slipping, sliding and traffic a plenty. Massive problems on most of the major roads this morning and by now pretty much every airport has closed due to snow covered runways. The view out the office window is nice calm though, a rather pleasant white covering on everything and no airplanes to be heard anywhere ;-)
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