August 15, 2007


While we're all sat waiting for the new seasons of 'Lost' and 'Prison Break' I've been getting into 'Heroes' to pass the time... they've started showing it on BBC2 on Wednesday here in the UK and friends that have seen some of it on Sky said it's right up there with 'Lost' in terms of watchability and storyline, so thought it was worth watching the pilot...

Well 5 episodes later and I'm definately hooked. Can't wait for it to air each week now - it helps that one particular character is rather nice (and invincible!) but the story alone is captivating enough to keep me watching - hopefully it gets better and the second season goes just as well ;-)

Save the cheerleader, save the world!

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August 11, 2007


I'd been thinking about getting a Wii since it's release and had heard many good things from friends who had them... so when I bumped into a nice package deal on a shopping trip I gave in and bought a 3-game bundle pack ;-)

So far so good... been playing a fair bit of 'Wii Sports' and quite like 'Mario Party 8' for a friendly challenge. 'Transformers' is a bit odd and I'm not really getting into it yet but by far the best is 'Zelda: Twilight Princess'. The graphics are surprisingly good and it's great fun to play with some challenge but not too taxing. Looks like it's gonna be great value for money too with my playtime at around 8hrs and only having completed about 15-20% according to the walkthroughs ;-)

I'll look forward to the post showing the final scenes...
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