July 29, 2003

Ghost Ship

We watched Ghost Ship tonight. What can I say... amazing, gripping and incredibly scarey at times... very good.

I liked this better than T3, so go watch it... the DVD special features were also fun to play with ;-)

Film rating: 4.5/5
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July 28, 2003

First pile

Today the first pile has finally started to be drilled - only about 20m deep... Hopefully the rest will go a bit quicker ;-)
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July 26, 2003

BB and Fame Academy

Well Cameron won, surprise surprise... guess we'll be having to put up with lots more of him on the tele from now on then...

And after the first show of the new series of Fame Academy they already kicked out the best choice... Katie clearly had more potential than she managed to get over on the show... oh well, maybe next week will be better... I can't help but think she looked really familiar though, if only I could figure out why...
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July 24, 2003

The Office

This morning we got a sign put on our office door (in preparation for Mr O'Rourke's visit)... Now we feel like proper engineers 'cus that's what it says we are ;-P
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July 23, 2003

PitP Pics

Well I finally got round to adding a couple of pics for you from PitP...

Sugababes getting 'Stronger'

Craig David mid flow

Daniel Bedingfield finishing the day

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July 18, 2003


There was an Atomic Kitten tribute band on in town tonight... Not bad at all... The Tash look-a-like was particularly good ;-)
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July 16, 2003

T3 - The Review

Well after all the hype of Terminator 3 being released in the US on the 2nd we just couldn't wait to see it... so we didn't wait...

I'll try not to ruin the plot for anyone, but suffice to say it follows on very clearly from T2 and leaves the path wide open for a T4... fairly average storyline (with a few nice twists) but a little predictable in places, nice new graphics (Arnie's final scene with the T-X being among the best) and certainly action packed...

Personally I was expecting a little more, but certainly not dissapointed...

Film rating: 4/5
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July 10, 2003

Graduation Day

My graduation ceremony was held on the 9th - so here are a few choice pictures from the special day...

Me and Russ all dressed up

Me with mom and dad after the ceremony

Me and Jo out on the sports ground

Back home at my family party

I'll put up a copy of my professional photo when it gets here in the post ;-)
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July 06, 2003

Party In The Park

It was PP time again and this year saw the Birmingham annual event return to Cannon Hill Park, Edgbaston... Great day - and the weather held out too!

The list of famous people I've seen perform hass grown, with acts such as Sugababes (the newer version), Craig David, Dani Minogue and Daniel Bedingfield being amongst the previously unseen acts. Expect a few pics maybe tomorrow if I get chance...

Oh, and F&B's Tiramisu goes great with a nice Strawberry Shortcake cocktail and some choice entertainment ;-)

Ant is currently: Lifted, although I have just drank some Dooley's ;-)
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July 03, 2003

X-SpamPal: SPAM

The spam at home has been getting really bad, so once again it's Ant to the rescue...

Inspired by the use of SpamAssassin in the ClaudeStreet house, I went on a mission to find a windows spam filter... hours later I found and now heavily recommend SpamPal - it's very effective and best of all free... It checks all 'from' addresses against a list of known spammers, then if that doesn't find anything the additional Bayesian plug-in scans the content and rates it critically... So far it's doing great - hopefully that will be the end of our spam problems...
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Super chilled

Well the computer at home has been getting a little hot recently, so I decided it was time for a little modding... With the case open, the mobo chipset sink had its miniscule amount of random white thermal paste removed and was reseated properly with Artic Silver II - the processor sink got similar treatment (shame I didn't have any Silver when I seated it in the first place). The rear fan got flipped around (to now extract), the case got the front underside air intake enlarged to improve flow and the restrictive (air-flow wise) grill got cut off the back of the power supply to match the recently removed grills of the front and rear fan intakes...

It seems it was a great success... the fans, now with unrestricted airflow, have decreased the case noise, and the temps are down by 4 degrees in case and 7 degrees on the processor. Job well done.
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July 01, 2003

Mmmm... strawberry

Well I've been home for 2 whole days now and other than doing a few odd jobs, the most productive thing I've managed is to go for a drink with my sis and her fiance... It turns out Frankie & Benny's do the most drinkable cocktails... The 'Strawberry Shortcake' and 'Banana Mocha' are most recommended!

...bit of a shame not knowing where I'm working this summer yet - means I get the hard life of staying in bed 'till lunch time each day :-)
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