June 24, 2003

Site-y-chart-if-y-rebuild complete

Well I finally got round to restructuring the site a little and finally added my music charts page!

Just simply click the 'Listening to...' link to see my music charts...
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June 20, 2003

Back in the UK!

Well we're back :-(

Expect lots of exciting photos at some point, for the moment it's all just recovery time... no alcohol for a good couple of weeks I feel...
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June 17, 2003


Thought Iīd do a quick post from Lanzarote... Itīs very hot... very hot...

Just off on another night out... yes another, gonna be quite drunk I feel... anyway, itīs all very nice and the drink is cheap enough if you get the right offers...

Anyway, must go, internet time is not cheap and Iīm having trouble typing already!

Ant is currently: Quite possibly drunk... and getting drunker!
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June 12, 2003

At the airport...

Well it's a bit dull waiting for our flight so I thought I'd post to the blog to use up some time... Very nice...
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Mr Antony Aucote BEng (Hons)

Well that's it. Degree over. I made it.

So now it's time to party... off to Lanzarote we go!
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June 10, 2003

It's all go

Very busy at the mo trying to get everything ready for the holiday, must pack at some point, but that means I have to decide what to take first... and the exam results are out soon too... oh dear...
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June 08, 2003

Exhausted as an exhausted thing

Tired today - must be the massive amounts of heat radiating off my slightly red face making me feel sleepy...
...got woken up to some sad news, quite simply not the best day ever.
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Red as a red thing

...is what I look like at the moment... after not learning from burning my arms last weekend I have yet again got sunburnt this weekend... stupid sun, no warning either this time... oh well maybe I'll learn for the holiday...

Best claim ever... I'm currently updating my blog more often than Ed - now that's an achievment!
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