October 29, 2003

Here's Brucey!

Well I suppose I had to get round to watching Finding Nemo eventually... good job I could pause it so I didn't miss anything during the fits of laughter ;-)

Not bad film at all... Fairly good plot and fun characters - Crush was, like, so riteous, dude... and remember... just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

Film rating: 4.8/5
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October 24, 2003

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Well it's been re-released as a new 2003 version, so me and Ed decided to give it a try... not a bad film, the 'gory' scenes were ok but the plot kinda lacked - although some humour at the end with a bit of fantastic driving almost made it all alright again ;-)

Film rating: 3/5
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October 18, 2003


I don't believe Paul won. After the amount of arguments he caused throughout the show, I can't see why anybody would vote him to win. Well at least he had sense and chose Caroline to go with him on the 'holiday of a lifetime' - she should have won it instead.

In other news... I hate Fresher's Flu v4
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October 17, 2003


Well the computer at home has been playing up a little recently and has been so bad I've not been able to remote access it to sort out the problem... after some decidedly awkward over-the-phone diagnosis sessions is was decided we may have a virus - we did - it turned out to be the dreaded MSblast hidden as a 'C' variant...

Well with immediate steps taken to remove the rogue processes all was still not well. Much more calling (and some patching) later and it was discovered that infact it had both the 'C' and 'E' variants, as well as the common 'A' variant, the new advanced Nachi worm and a random trojan! Well no wonder it wouldn't let me connect... After some skillfull process interuptions, much deletion and registry editing, today I managed to kill off the viruses and all is well... let's hope that doesn't happen ever again...
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October 15, 2003

Coyote Ugly

..was on the tele tonight so I decided to watch it... kinda reminded me of being back in Lanzarote again... shame real life isn't as they play it in the film though...

...on the bright side, things are certainly getting more interesting in the 'Teen Big Brother' experiment ;-)
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Google Bashing!

As a random thought of nothingness, I just opened up Google and searched for my name... Interestingly enough ALL of the hits are actually me - quite an achievement (handy to have a rare surname too)...

...the quickly extended search for Ed revealed none of him on the first page, but Russ does a bit better having a hit about half way down his first page... why not give it a try with your name and see how popular you are 8-P

[Update] By the way, a Google Whack is a two word search that only produces a single page result, if you find any good ones let me know!
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October 03, 2003


...is the word of the night... I didn't manage to find the other four people with the same disease though...

I went to the medics' social tonight... and what a party it was... free cocktail rules... can't type much more so that's it for now ;-) 10am lecture later today :-(
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