November 28, 2003

Oh behave!

Well I decided that since I had not seen any Austin Powers film that I would have a little Austin Powers-a-thon... trouble is I didn't start until about 11-30pm... of course this meant the trio didn't finish untill just short of 4-30am... that's gonna hurt when I get up in a few hours :-(

Anyway, the first one was not particulalrly humourous, but ok overall. The second really was 'take the first script, change some names and change the location'... not overly impressive with a mass re-use of all the jokes from the first film. Unfortunately the third went the same way, with jokes being re-used from both previous films - and no they didn't get funnier with age, they got worse. Apart from the obvious sub-title of third film being '...any excuse for a celeb-fest' I can't say I'd really recommend any of them to be watched, unless you're really bored.

Film rating: 1st - 3/5, 2nd - 2/5, 3rd - 3/5 (for the celebs)
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November 27, 2003

NFSU Update

Well since a massive section of work got handed in today I took the afternoon off and managed to complete Need For Speed Underground... All 112/111 (yes it is correct) have been won with only a few minor challenges along the way. My car finished up as a fully modded Nissan Skyline...


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November 26, 2003

NFSU car

This is what my car looks like currently... mmm...


The other racers look at the canon on the back on run screaming ;-)
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Nothing To Loose?

...except the internet of course!

It seems NTL have been having a bit of trouble this evening after 'a major server outage' occurred... Sis asked me to try to fix the computer at home remotely after it wouldn't let her check her email - I jumped to the rescue but couldn't determine the problem... I could connect to the computer, but it couldn't connect to anything else...

After about an hour I discovered other people on NTL were having the same problem and a quick check of their status page revealed the true horror of the situation - their DNS server was completely dead, meaning no access to any website or mail servers...

Shame I wasted over an hour of work time trying to fix a problem that wasn't there anyway :-(
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November 23, 2003


What can I say... well after the slight disaster of playing BS3 and using up loads of work time I've started to play Need For Speed Underground... bad idea that was... instantly lost nearly 4 hours of the day!

It is fantastic for both gameplay (if you like racing) and slight novelty value in that you have to earn points to buy car mods as you go to increase your street reputation... I'm quite happy now 'cus I just added the biggest 'bad boy' exhaust muffler I could get to my racer... nice ;-)

I'm determined to not let it ruin my work over the next week either... but it's so addictive :-(
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November 22, 2003

Broken Sword 3

Well to kill off some of that work stress, I've been playing Broken Sword 3 - The Sleeping Dragon over the last couple of days...

The third installment of the series saw George and Nico following the trail of a killer around the world, with the Templar's intermingled for good luck... lots of good puzzles, some mind stretching, some frustrating, some just plain dull - especially pushing boxes around endlessly...

Without giving too much away, the story ends with an incredibly original plot (not) where George slays the dragon... now where have I heard that before... oh and it took me almost spot on 12hrs to complete ;-)

The end credit song was 'Love Us' by 'We Love You' which is actually a pretty cool song (available on their site or directly here)

Game rating: 4/5 (box puzzles got dull)
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November 18, 2003


This morning I woke up to find a mysterious spot on my wrist... wandering what it was I went to see the doctor... he promptly cut a little hole and removed what appeared to be a small dark metallic object from my wrist - unfortuantely men in suits told me not to tell you anymore...

Guess that dream last night wasn't just a dream - I was in fact visited from afar...

Scare rating: 6/5!
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November 14, 2003

Johnny English

Today's choice of film to pass the time waiting for The Simpsons was Johnny English. Staring Rowan Atkinson it was a quite amusing parady of just about any James Bond film... despite that it was kinda OK as a film there was definately good reason to watch it with Natalie Imbruglia playing the supporting role ;-)

Film rating: 4/5 (Mainly due to Nat)
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November 13, 2003

Jump (for my love)

Well I always liked the original 'Pointer Sisters - Jump (For My Love)' and since Girls Aloud now released a cover of it I thought I'd listen to it again - I actually really like the cover as much as the original, but discovered a bit of an interesting line in the lyrics... check out the first two lines in this extract:
I'll take you down, I'll take you down
Where no one's ever gone before
And if you want more
If you want more, more, more

Then jump for my love
Jump in and feel my touch
Jump, if you wanna taste my kisses in the night then
Jump, jump for my love

Jump, I know my heart can make you happy
Jump in, you know these arms can fill you up
Jump, if you wanna taste my kisses in the night then
Jump, jump for my love what exactly are they trying to convince us of? ;-)
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November 10, 2003

Agent Smith Lives!

It was inevitable that since everything that has a beginning has an end, Agent Smith would return to us again...

Help him to live again and create chaos around the world following The DARC Net's plans...

Agent Smith (Online)
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November 09, 2003

Matrix Revolutions & Eclipse

Tonight's film choice was the new Matrix film... yes I could only hold off from seeing it for so long... Very good overall, nice graphics (not sure about needing 200Tb to store them though) and was fairly action packed - shame it kinda lacked a noticable plot at first and the ending was very dissapointing considering the build up they give it with 3 films...

Of course time-outs were taken during the night to check on the state of the moon (with it being lunar eclipse night) but as ever the cloud cover was appalling and only glimpses of the ruby moon were snatched...

Film rating: 4/5 (for lacking ending)
Eclipse rating: 2/5 (good while it could be seen)
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