January 30, 2004


Well that's a new record... I got some course work back today and the marks for the two submissions were 81% and 100%! In structural design! Makes last year's best of 96% seem a bit pathetic now ;-)
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January 27, 2004

Max Payne 2

I wander if the game was supposed to be challenging? I hope not... I decided to take a well deserved afternoon off and what better way than to play MP2... unfortunately it only took just under 8 hours to complete! Guess I'll have to find a new game already then ;-)

The theme was 'Poets of the Fall - Late Goodbye' in case you wanted to know... (Ed's post)
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January 24, 2004

Scary Movie 3

I got a well deserved night off after the exams so popped out to see SM3 with sis... Well I guess it was to be expected really, the jokes were of course obvious, fairly dull and just normal for the third film of a trilogy - it just lacked the magic of the first two...

...but the fact that there was a lot of Anna Faris in this one made it better... and probably the only real reason to see it

Film rating: 3/5 (film) 5/5 (Anna content)
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January 14, 2004

Scary Movie?

...that'll be twice in the last 14 days then ;-) Good job it's such a great film!
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January 10, 2004


Well done Clare!

I've been watching the show when I could throughout the week and Clare certainly deserved to win
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January 09, 2004


Well I finally finished XIII after about 30+hrs playtime... all 34 levels! It just kept going... well done to the producers for the effort with the game size, but what was it all for in the end? A fireworks show, the longest credits ever, no theme music and the whole game just ends with "to be continued"! Not even a closing sequence!

Ok so apparently the lead voices were played by David Duchovny and Adam West, but I didn't notice that and it didn't make up for such a poor ending... let's hope the sequel is better...
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January 01, 2004

Happy New Year

Well that's another year over with - and a fairly eventfull one at that!

The year ended in style with a particularly drunken and memorable house party - hopefully that's also the good start to a great new year... only time will tell...
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