February 24, 2004

Atomic Kitten Concert

Well about 14 months after I got the tickets and a postpone from last December, tonight was the Atomic Kitten "Greatest Hits" concert - I'm sure it wasn't called that when I got the tickets, wander why they might have changed it? Perhaps that really is the last tour they'll be doing...

Anyway, fantastic night and the view from the front row was of course spectacular!
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February 18, 2004

Absolute Genius

Have you ever watched an advert and thought 'What's that music?' - well I know I have, and I like the music on the newest series of Mercedes adverts... after a little searching I bumped into:

Commercial Breaks and Beats
What's That Tune?

...and they got the song straight away - absolutely fantastic sites, give them a try! Oh the song was 'Aphex Twin - Windowlicker' by the way ;-)
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February 03, 2004

We Belong to the Sea

I looked through the CD collection when I popped home a few weeks ago and managed to bump into the 'Aqua - Aquarius' album... reading the back I noticed 'We Belong to the Sea' in the track list... 'Hmmm,' I thought, 'surely that can't be it?'...

As soon as I played the track I realised it actually was... the closing 'theme' chosen for the welcome show on the recent cruise (see December archive)...

"We belong to the sea
To the waves you and me
Living in the ocean so blue
We belong to the sea
Open wide being free
A minute everlasting with you"

...now that brings back memories...
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February 01, 2004

The Stone

A pretty important milestone happenned today... With some well needed help from Ed, I've now completed every puzzle up to level 4 on The Stone... so onto those new level 4's then...
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