April 26, 2004

Hot, hot, HOT!

Well it's been getting a bit warm recently, and I guess my computer didn't like it too much... Late this evening I was happily working away when the PSU suddenly decided to kill the power. Since the case was already open (to keep the CPU a bit cooler) we had a quick look to find the PSU was insanely hot... way above what it should be... so we let it cool down and tried to turn it back on with no luck. It appears that the fan may have failed, but there was no thermal cut-out so it just melted itself (just outside the 2yr guarantee)... Also it turns out the stated 300W model only achieved 200W in recent tests, which is not enough - so all I can say is never buy a Task PSU!

A fancy new 400W Skyhawk model with automatic fan control and thermal cut-out was on its way within an hour ;-)
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April 16, 2004


Well after locking out one gateway yesterday, the new one arrived today and I got it all working (eventually) so the new business is up and online at last... thought I'd test it out with a few random websites to find they were loading virtually before I even took my finger back off 'enter'! Internet at 2.3MBps rules ;-)
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April 12, 2004


Missed the birthday :-( My blog was 1 whole year old on the 6th!
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April 08, 2004

The Stone

Well that's another milestone reached - just in a quick break from work - I've now solved every puzzle up to level 5... woohoo!
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Fantastic Plastic

Just recieved my first samples for my summer project in the post - believe it or not, these are samples of the latest in pultrusion technology and are stronger than steel yet lighter than aluminium! Very nice material.
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April 05, 2004

Teen Films

...forgot to mention that when I got back from holiday my sis had rented some films so I thought I might as well watch them... 'Wrong Turn' was very good, if somewhat a bit predictive (I was about 90% right about the end within the first 5 minutes) and 'Cabin Fever' was good too, lots of gore, nicely done and maybe a little less predictive

Of course the week was concluded with a trip to the cinema to see the new remake of 'Dawn of the Dead' which was actually a fantastic remake of the original

Film Rating: WT - 4/5, CF - 3.8/5, DotD - 4.2/5
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April 04, 2004

I am still here...

...honestly, OK so I havn't posted for a while but I've been too busy...

First I have been on holiday - a week in magnificent Majorca with Phil from home. Pretty good fun overall, lots of driving (winding mountains are fun) a reasonable amount of sleeping, far too much drinking and lots of sightseeing...

Since then I've been busy helping mom get the new business ready - I've been covered in paint and sawdust way too often this week. Managed to find time for a nice 'pop to the pub' with another friend from home (for once we were both there at the same time)...

Coming back up soon to do some of the work I really should have done by now, then no doubt back down again for Easter... isn't my life exciting ;-)
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