March 19, 2004


Well that's apparently 6 whole years of the series concluded - just watched the last episode and glad to see it all turned out nice in the end :-)
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March 17, 2004


That drive is soon to be released by Toshiba and can hold a massive 4gig! On the size of a quarter (0.85")! Plans are to soon be using them in mobiles and even watches... it's bigger brother (at 1.8") is already in use in the iPod©... very nice ;)
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March 10, 2004

Secure Internet?

Seems lots of internet security systems are flawed... you can give your hacking skills a test out here legally... it's done for fun...

Starfleet Academy

I got to level 10ish OK, but after that it got a little past my knowledge :-(
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March 02, 2004

Bad Boys II

I've been taking breaks in the current work to play Bad Boys II - well it's finished and took a grand total of about 6hrs most. Must be a contender for the lamest game I've played in a long time... some mildly challenging bits, no spectacular graphics, standard story line and worse it's full of bugs.

Even if you're bored, just don't bother - being bored will be more interesting!
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