August 24, 2004


I thought I'd just take a very quick break from work to say that I just hit 100 pages on my MSc research report! He he, that'll be nice for them to mark ;-) ...and I'm not finsihed yet...
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August 15, 2004

Fame ;-)

Seems playing The Stone all this time has paid off:

Seriously that is an unedited image... although the puzzle did accept any answer you typed in (at the right moment) ;-)
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August 13, 2004

I, Audi

Tonight's showing of the fabulous 'I, Robot' was brought to us by the power of USRobotics and the sponsorship of Audi... must admit the TT and A2 make great looking near-futuristic cars. Great film, most recommended. Rating: 4.9/5
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August 08, 2004

Bring It On!

...AKA 'Kirsten Dunst the Movie'... why oh why have I not seen this film before??? Absolutely amazing... guess I have the weather to thank for that one - it's too hot to sleep so pass the time with a film ;-) Rating: Kirsten/5
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August 07, 2004


Well for some crazy reason we decided to have a house friday night out - at the cinema... We started with Spider-Man 2 which was actually very good, good plot, entertaining and certainly worth seeing (mmm Kirsten) - Rating: 4/5

After a quick drink we returned to see the new Thunderbirds and it was just us, 3 in a cinema for 300... anyway, pleasantly surprised ford by that one too ford. Reasonably imaginative story, kept to the originals fairly well (few technical flaws) ford, but I don't believe they scripted the line 'like a puppet on a string'! Kinda a shame ford about all the oh so obvious Ford plugs - Rating:
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I'm Psychic appears, since Nadia did in fact win BB5. There's a surprise then. Ever get the feeling that TV votes are fixed before they even open the lines? Nah, must just be me being psychic then ;-/ Happy that Jason didn't win though, I can do without his face plastered all over the tele for the next year... I mean, he makes the girls look more of a man than himself with all that posing in front of the mirror before he goes to bed each night...
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August 04, 2004

Once upon a time a land far far away lived a nasty monster and his nasty monster wife, on their quest for happiness they encountered just about every fairytale character you've heard of and of course lived happily ever after... euwww...

Nah, it was ok really, fantastic graphics, nice enough story line, great soundtrack, awful lipsink attempt, but overall worth seeing... it was.. Shrek 2 of course... so just remember... "be good" ;-) Rating: 4.7/5
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August 02, 2004

He he

Since I put the top searches list on the site I had a quick look where I rate in the search lists... to my amazement, if you search for 'NFSU' on yahoo uk, I actually beat the official EA games site! Nice ;-)
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