September 26, 2004


What a film... fantastic. Well not fantastic, but very good. Kirsten was of course fantastic though. Even better than the film in fact. Go see it. Film rating: 4.5/5 (mmmm)

On the down side, tomorrow sees the start of my 6-15am mornings. Hopefully I'll get used to it fairly quickly.
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September 24, 2004


Must be getting nearly time to start work... the company car arrived today - a nice brand new, dual turbo'd Lotus Elise - but for some reason it's all hiden inside a Focus shell ;-) It's nice enough anyway, drives nice, very comfortable and everything you could want from completely free motoring - better start getting used to it then :-/
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September 19, 2004

Get Over It!

What a treat. Randomly checked the tv guide to find that 'Get Over It' was due to be shown tonight. Staring the fantastic Kirsten Dunst it was bound to be great, but it was even better - is every film that she's in that good? Certainly all the ones I've seen so far are, and no, not just because she's in them (although it helps) ;-) Film Rating: 4.8/5 (Mmmm Kirsten)
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September 18, 2004

Open Water

Popped to the cinema to see 'Open Water' tonight. Don't bother. Must be the worst produced film I've ever seen. The image quality was horrible, you needed sea sickness tablets to watch it, and caffine tablets to stay awake through it. Dull, boring, waste of a film. Film rating: 0.5/5
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The Blue Chamber

Hot off the heels of 'The Crimson Room' and 'The Viridan Room' comes 'The Blue Chamber', a little semi-puzzle before the release of the new room. Well it's done and only one problem... that stupid phone number! How is anyone suppossed to know that?!?
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September 08, 2004

Getting old...

..well I must be, I started a nice jigsaw yesterday and spent most of today on it too... It's a nice star map - talk about picking the wrong picture to do... I've got 1000 pieces to put together of star constellations that all look the same! I sense I'll still be doing this one well into next week... Note to self, a nice intricate jigsaw is NOT the way to have a nice change from room contents arranging :-/
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September 06, 2004


Why is it always spiders? Happily typing away talking to Ed and turn round to find a massive spider sat on the floor watching me... this one managed to escape from my foot hurtling towards it twice! Chasing along the landing, behind boxes... still escaped - found it the next morning though ;-)

Oh, the course finished and I handed in a report totalling 112 pages a whole week early :-)
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