May 30, 2003

Summer sun

Well with the exams finally finished what better way to fill the day than with a stroll over to main campus... Hot, sunny, nice scenery and an nice ice-cream to pass the time... perfectly chilled out day...

...followed up by a not quite so chilled out, but massively drunken night out in town - Ocean still rules, but I must remember not to ever try to play catch up on cheap Reef again :-P
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May 28, 2003

Degree finished!

Well that's it... all over.

The final 'Structures & Materials 3' exam was iffy at the least (even with the BS codes it was a challenge)... so celebration and sorrow drinking commenced impressively within 10mins of me leaving the exam - not bad when I had to walk half way across campus to get to the union!

Ant's exam prediction: I'm pretty confident I've passed, and that's all I could really hope for...
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May 25, 2003

Electric die down

There we go, aura sorted, looks a bit better now... back to revision...
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May 24, 2003


Well since I had a bit of time spare and Ed has finished his exams, my laptop has undergone a software re-build with WinXP getting a fresh re-install to clear up the 3 years of junk and now Linux has been added too (without too much problem)... now many cool things can be achieved on our house network and I get another OS to play with too... now all I have to do is find O/S2, BeOS, RISCos and MacOS for the x386 series to play with too ;-)

Oh, and yes this post was written from within KDE on Linux ;-)
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New logo at last

Ok so I should be revising, but I thought I'd have a break and get round to doing the logo for the site...

...yes I know I've got an aura around me... I'll try and sort that out at some other time...

On the plus side, it's the Eurovision song contest tonight, and Russia are being represented by tATu! Woohoo! That'll be 3hrs in front of the tele with a beer then ;-)
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ClaudeStreet on tour!

We are going international!

Well after our success at taking the ClaudeStreet tour around the UK we are going better and are moving global - preperations are well under way for the post-exam extravaganza party in Lanzarote!

They'll never know what's hit them when we arrive ;-)
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Back to work

Well the exam on Thursday went fairly well, better than I thought it would at least... so the rest of the day was taken off for a much needed multi-hour session of GTA Vice City to relieve all the stress - nothing better than ploughing over helpless pedestrians in a super car ;-)

Friday was much the same, but we went to see The Matrix Reloaded in town... excellent film, legendary agent scene, some of the best cgi ever seen and a little of maybe the worst... anyway can;t wait to see the third film in November...

Anyway, back to the revision, last exam is on Wednesday and it's gonna take the remaining 4 days to learn it all... at least we get to take the BS extracts in to use... oh joy...

Ant is currently: Stress free and listening to Vic Twenty ;-) (Out Monday btw)
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May 19, 2003

It's gone all grey!

Well I got a bit bored after the exam so I've changed my style sheet again to nicer and less eye-straining colours...

...hope you all like this better...
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Busy Day...

Well after the shower today nearly burnt me it was decided that some action would be taken, so Ed has sent an email to the shower company to find out exactly what we are doing wrong...

Mom and dad popped up to go out for dinner, but we took a detour to Homebase on the way to pick up some much needed DIY bits... this evening its all been happenning... catch up on the mother site!

Ant is currently: Still revising for yet more exams
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May 17, 2003

Pint down the pub

Well after a rather odd exam the night turned into a much needed night down the local (well the third local along the route) with some of the lads (Rachel being on honourary lad for the night)... trouble is I had to drink Fraser's drink for him... blog updating after quite a few is interesting at least... anyway, thats one exam done today (Railway Engineering) only 3 to go... woohoo... a whole 2 days between each to revise 8 months of lectures I didn't really understand in the first place; could be an interesting exam session... :-/

Ant is currently: Liking the random nights at the pub
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May 14, 2003

Vic Twenty Lyrics

Since their debut single 'txt msg' is being released on May 26th, and since they are going to be a massive hit, I thought I'd treat you all to the 'Vic Twenty' single lyrics... enjoy!

'Vic Twenty - txt msg'

It's not you - it's me
It's not me - it's you
I want to tell you face to face but
I'm gonna tell you anyway

The favourite way to end it all is by mobile phone
The favourite way to end it all is alone
The favourite way to end it all is by mobile phone
The favourite way to end it all is alone

You're no good in bed - bye
Look we'll still be friends - right?
I'm so sorry I can't make it
I'm so sorry, I faked it








CHORUS (with talking)

©2003 Vic Twenty
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May 13, 2003

Pictures from the concert

Well as promised here are a few pics from last night's concert...

I didn't get a picture during the first song, but the dress was... er... flamboyant, as only Andy could manage...
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Erasure Day!

Well today was far less complicated than I expected. Woke up, did nothing till lunch time. Went with Russ to fetch the new materials to fix his bed. Came home, waited for dinner.

Sis arrived just as dinner was ready, watched the Simpsons with dinner, raced off to Derby for the previously postponed Erasure 'The Other Tour' concert...

Got there after a small error in road selection to be re-directed to a near-by car park, found it very easily and got into the venue to find that we could stand less than 2m from the front barrier! It turned out to be the best concert I've ever been to, with every single one of the 3,000ish people on their feet dancing and singing for the whole show (1 1/2hrs)... the atmosphere was unbelievable... expect photos tomorrow...

...oh and I feel I may be a new convertee to Vic Twenty (the support act), who's super cheesey electro-pop is already a new feature of my music collection, after buying their cd on the way out of the concert ;-)

Ant is currently: Chilling out after the best concert ever!
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May 11, 2003

Not again...

Just when I planned to make up for the lack of sleep yesterday by sleeping early tonight, they go and show 'Alien' on the tele... well I'm gonna have to watch that now... so much for the early night...

...and of course, just as the weather is getting better the exams come along and stop me flying for the next 3 weeks... wonderful...

Well at least I'm off to the Erasure concert tomorrow night... it was postponed before, it *should* still be on tomorrow... (no I'm not going for the people, I'm going for the music!)

Ant is currently: Surprise, surprise... quite tired
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May 07, 2003

Well cool

Well thanks to Ed and his genius-ness, I can now post to my blog from my nice new mobile... and as you can see in the previous post, it works fantastically!
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Test post

Hello all, this is a test from my phone...
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Oh dear...

Here's a picture that Ed took of me during the night...

I think it might have been after quite a few drinks...

Oh dear...
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Cut short

Well despite the Ball tickets clearly stating the bars were open till 3-30am they called it a night at 2-30... what a con... somebody's gonna get shouted at for this...

...anyway, not too bad a night overall, nice food before, boring presentations, but then pretty good party... shame the night's plan got changed after I discovered some interesting information... but of course some things clearly aren't meant to be with the plan falling flat on it's face (luckily this time not literally... I didn't get too drunk for a change)

Hmmm things to think about, keebab going cold...
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May 06, 2003

Mmmm Fudge...

Well I went and got my hair cut after the new washer arrived... she was there looking nice, but it was one of the guys that cut my hair :-( I cheered myself up by buying a tub of the infamous fudge... shame it cost me 9 for the priviledge...

Ant is currently: Drastically getting clothes ready for tonight's ball
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May 05, 2003

...oh yeah

Almost forgot, the hair dressers is open again tomorrow and my hair definately needs a trim... coincidence? I think not...

And the new washer gets delivered tomorrow too... nice...
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Sooo tired...

The sleep recovery isn't going well. Badly infact.

What should have been a nice quiet Saturday night in bed turned into another TV-a-thon with sleep starting about 3am... not bad unitll you realise I was due to be awake to go to the airfield at 9am... the new alarm clearly either isn't very loud, or isn't very annoying, 'cus I either slept straight through it or turned it off in my sleep... luckily sis decided to call me and woke me up just before 9... phew...

Too bad the airfield was too gusty to solo, but a nice set of flights sat in the back of the acro made the day worthwhile... but with Jo's birthday party last night the sleep was again put off... why oh why did I drink wine... oh yeah, she made me... hmmm...
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May 04, 2003


Well it's been a wierd week... the group project was due in at 5pm on Friday following our final presentation at 3pm... as you can imagine the week leading up to the deadline has been hectic, with problem after problem with the AutoCAD designs and the challenge of trying to piece everything together in time...

Lack of sleep began to kick in after the third night of only 6hrs sleep, but with no chance to recover the whole week continued the same way... but it was worth it, when the whole thing came together and we pulled out a presentation that we were not only proud of, but one that conveyed ideas that our cheif daddy client agreed with!

Well last night was, as expected, complete chaos with the combined alcohol and sleep deprivation kicking in just at the wrong time (at least the toilets in Wetherspoon's are within dashing distance :-P ) All that's left now is to catch up with zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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